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Effective Barangay, City, and Federal Government Security Solutions On Time and On Budget

Protect Lone Workers Out In the Field With ATTN Alert

Whether it is an employee of the BIR conducting visiting business or a worker of Occupational Safety and Health Administration doing an onsite inspection, organizations should provide employees with ATTN Alert to ensure their employees are kept safe while out in the field. ATTN Alert is an emergency response system created to provide immediate assistance anywhere.

Monitor Professional Vehicles with GPS Trackers and Dash Cameras

Avoid vehicle misuse and ensure employees using professional, government-owned vehicles are being safe at all times by using GPS trackers and dash cameras. Organizations can manage their mobile workforce and covertly track professional vehicles by utilizing wired tracking that provides valuable insights into driver performance. Dash cameras can give an organization a visual record of how an employee is behaving while in the car to ensure their safety.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Public Areas with Outdoor Camera Systems

Outdoor security cameras ensure video evidence is captured of vandalism, theft or other criminal activity. Choose from a number of multi-camera systems to guard every area of an outside public area, including parking garages, parks, transportation hubs, and more. ATTN security cameras are rugged and weatherproof designed for extended use outdoors. The ATTN cellular cameras utilize our exclusive ATTN data plans. Our Secure Outdoor Camera is also a popular cost-effective option with similar functions.

Monitor Vulnerable Areas in a Highly-Targeted Location With Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are a great resource for providing additional monitoring to a highly-targeted place, including city halls, law enforcement agencies and other government buildings. Many of these locations have elaborate security systems in place, but covert cameras can help to cover blind spots that aren’t always covered. Covert cameras come in a variety of form factors to blend into any setting. Choose between WiFi-connected cameras for live video right from your phone, or locally stored footage for easy, after the fact evidence.