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Integrated technology solutions

ATTN is known for utilizing the different product categories of digital security, homeland security, extra low voltage, software, and energy to come up with unique integrated custom solutions for our partners in the Philippines.

ATTN Building Manage System


Building Manage System

Smart system for buildings that can control and monitor mechanical and electrical equipment likes Power System, Ventilation, Fire Alarm System and Security System.


Casino & Gaming Intelligent System

Intelligent tools that is analytic and integrated to manage casino accurately and easy. Secure all data and critical information.

ATTN Casino and Gaming Intelligent System

ATTN Data Center Monitoring System


Data Center Monitoring System

Smart solution that assures the continuity of main business services by providing convergence management functions such as failure prediction, analysis, diagnosis and prescription through collecting, analyzing and processing a lot of operating information about infra and application which are in charge of service of enterprise computing environment.


Intelligent Transport System

Basic and smarter management system for car navigation, traffic signal control system, and automatic number plate recognition or speed cameras to monitor applications such as CCTV system and more advanced application that integrate live data and feedback from a number of other sources such as parking guidance and information system.

ATTN Intelligent Transport System

ATTN Intelligent Command Center


Intelligent Command Center

Enables the real-time visibility and management of an entire service operation, it allows to view the status of environment on a single screen.


Smart City Platform

Platform provides the integrated capability to coordinate data, applications and services at one or more levels. Wider transformation in urban infrastructure and services that is being driven by the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and other technologies.

ATTN Smart City Platform

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